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"Single Breasted or Double Breasted? Notch or Peak lapel?

We have many options for you to choose from. What will be your design?" 


" With DD / MADE TO MEASURE, you can choose from a big variety of options and styles. We will help you deciding the best choices based on your requirements or your lifestyle."

All the options will be shown to you during your First Meeting, please see below few of them:

Style of the jacket (single breasted with 2 buttons, 1 button, double breasted, etc...)

Lapel style and its width (notch, peak or shawl lapel)

Shoulder construction (round, soft or more structured)

Pockets styles (flap pockets, patch pockets, etc...)

Stitching (without, 1mm or 5mm)

Cuffs styles and buttonholes

Internals, buttons, undercollar, etc...

A variety of other options are available for you to select during your appointment 

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