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                                                  the front to give the first 3D shape of your jacket

Hand Made

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"The Fully Canvas construction is the most traditional and expensive construction for a jacket. It is the closest construction to the Bespoke tailoring used on Savile Row or in Neapolitan traditional tailors.

The jackets are built with an internal canvas made of a mix of wool and horsehair sewn in a special way to the main cloth, so it is invisible from the outside.

As opposed to the fused jackets which are commonly used in the mass market industry for cost purposes, the fully canvas jacket will last longer over the years.

The canvas will keep the shape of your jacket but most importantly will take the shape of your body. It is also simply a way of having your cloth breathing and so lasting longer."

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to see some of our Hand details

Some White Basting thread is used  during the sewing process of the suit to keep canvas and cloth

to the right position and give them more shape during the pressing.

The white basting thread

 will be then removed when all the different pieces of the jacket are sewn together.

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Hand Stitch Armhole 

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Hand Stitch Undercollar

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Hand Made Lapel Buttonhole

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